The lightweight, multi-function X-CUT is made from alpha (hardened) titanium. Its blade offers both serrated and smooth cutting edges, along with a line cutter. The blade is specially designed and shaped to maintain a highly durable cutting edge for a long life of corrosion-free performance. The no-nonsense handle is contoured and offers finger indents and a thumb guard to enable you to maintain a firm, non-slip grip when bearing down on a serious cutting job. An eyelet is provided to run a lanyard to make sure the knife stays with you.

  1. No-nonsense handle is contoured and offers indents and a finger guard for a firm, non-slip grip when bearing down on serious cutting jobs.
  2. Titanium blade maintains a sharp edge.
  3. Eyelet is provided for running a safety lanyard.
  4. Low profile protective sheath features a Velcro closure and is designed specifically to fit on a tech harness waistband.

    Check out our buddy, Andy Brand Casagrande IV aka ABC4 giving us the low down on the dive knife for one of our past boxes (back when we were Waterman's Pack!).

    Waterman's Pack June '16: Andy Brandy Casagrande IV Introduces the ScubaPro X-Cut Dive Knife from Surf Shop Box on Vimeo.

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